Puzzled by Legionella? A Guide to Understanding Detection, Prevention, and Water Management


Puzzled by Legionella? Get the ultimate Legionella resource and study guide written by Legionella expert, Dr. Janet E. Stout. Developed to help prepare for the ASSE 12080 certification exam, and for any professional concerned with water safety.

  • Ideal for professionals concerned about water safety, instructors, and students. Authoritative resource and guide provides foundational knowledge you need to understand and control Legionella to prevent Legionnaires’ disease.
  • Written by The Legionella Experts with contributions from infectious disease, microbiology, engineering, public health, and infection prevention professionals.
  • Accessible, practical and interactive filled with tips, myth-facts, practice quizzes, access videos and download PDFs, web resources and tools.
  • Officially recognized by ASSE as appropriate training material in preparing for the ASSE 12080 certification examination.